Ways we can help

Chatham’s objective is to structure investment strategies designed to meet a client’s financial needs as contrasted to performing against an arbitrarily defined benchmark.   Successfully meeting needs requires thorough financial planning at the outset between the client and Chatham, then continuous monitoring of progress along the way.

The planning process incorporates all assets – liquid and illiquid – along with tax, business, family, and estate considerations.  Once committed to a written policy statement, we coordinate client objectives with appropriate diversified portfolios that offer the best opportunity to meet client needs while minimizing risk over the long term.

Our investment process produces return and risk expectations for a variety of asset classes such as cash, bonds, equities, real estate, and gold.   Assessment of economic and financial data, valuation and comparison of historical conditions versus current ones form the basis of our analysis. As capital market conditions change, return opportunities and risks shift among asset classes.  We assess these changes for their potential impact on the current portfolio and take action when appropriate to realign asset classes.

Click below to see six examples of ways we help our clients.

These examples are not real people, but illustrate common issues we run across and how Chatham typically addresses them.  In many instances, Chatham works with the client’s tax and legal counsel on the strategies employed.

How We Help Clients

A comprehensive wealth management portal is continuously updated to keep you apprised of your wealth:

1.  Accounting of assets.
2. Retirement plan progress.
3. Financial documents vault.